Fix You First

When we take time to replenish our spirit and energy, it allows us to serve others from the overflow. We cannot serve from an empty vessel.  Eleanor Brownn

I was watching Jane Goodall being interviewed last night and they were discussing the chaos and unease in the world at present. They asked her opinion. 

“When we look at all the problems and pain in the world, it can feel overwhelming and can seem too difficult to change or believe we can make a difference; but when we start small, begin by looking at our own life, our own concerns first, we can begin to balance our part of the whole and this not only empowers us, but more importantly, has a ripple effect far greater than we will ever know.”

Each of us can achieve this balance within. Instead of feeling burdened by the world, feel empowered, by learning to fill ourselves up first. This way there is always an overflow of love, healing and energy to share with others. 




Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.

There is a story of a man who bought his dream home with a 360 degree view of the vast ocean, but a day after he moved, a deep fog set in. Frustrated with the situation and the inability to see, he decided to move back to his old apartment and wait for it to lift.

The day he left the house, the fog lifted and when he finally decided to move back to the house, the fog set in again.

Having spent the last month or so trying to find the perfect home, it felt like the fog came in. At times I couldn’t see anything in front of me or behind me and I knew, all I could do was trust that in time it would lift.

When the fog sets in through life, we can lose sight of our dreams and our hopes. During those times we can try and take control and run from the discomfort of not knowing.

In the fog we can believe that all is lost and that the path ahead will always look like this.

Sitting in acceptance and surrender during this uncertainty, rather than trying to control and resist this path, is how we move through the fog.

I waited and learned to trust each day that my home would arrive in the perfect time. I trusted that what I was seeking, was seeking me, and in that daily surrender, the fog lifted and I found it.

We now have a beautiful new home. It’s perfect and of course; arrived in the perfect time!!

How many times have I had to learn this lesson!!?? About a million… 😂


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“There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on earth, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest ecosystems, and absolutely between each person.” Bryant McGill

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Four Principles to live by….

 Ah world, what lessons you prepare for us ……..Mary Oliver

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Laugh more…


“Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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Mothers Day

For all the Beautiful Mothers out there, I wanted to remind you with this moving clip that you are appreciated more than you know, loved more than feel and sometimes it’s just a change of heart that will allow you to see and receive the gift of love that is always there.

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Enter the Silence

Photo: A special message for all my friends currently in isolation in Moscow.  Enjoy this time!

The first yoga class I ever attended was a Bikram Yoga class.  I remember feeling very proud of myself for completing the practice that is a series of 26 yoga postures and breathing exercises in a studio heated up to 40 degress and lasts for 90 mintues.

I was so relieved when it finished that I remember saying I couldn’t possibly repeat this again but the overwhelming peace and lightness that stayed with me, was enough to keep me practising yoga for many years.

Silence can be practised in any environment that you feel comfortable in eg, a meditation,  sitting at the beach,  sitting in the garden, practising yoga, or breathing and mantra exercises.

To experience silence I have found the only way is to practice.  You cannot connect to the silence if you are always in your mind or always running from here to there, it has to be a deliberate effort to stop, become still and listen.

Silence plays such an important role in our lives and yet we take it for granted; that is to say, we seldom anchor ourselves in the present moment long enough to listen and appreciate what silence brings.

In order to create an environment to practice silence, start by removing as many distractions as possible: phones, music, people talking or visual distractions.

Your breath will help you become still and allow your mind to become empty.  Take 5 slow deep breaths to achieve this. Repeat again if you feel you need to.  Practising a mantra such as OM will help too.  A mantra is a syllable or set of syllables ( sound vibrations ) which help clear the mind.

If you can see outside or sit outside, focus on the trees or the sky and feel it’s stillness and slow movement and connect to its natural rhythm. Stay in this stillness for at least 10 minutes a day.

Centering yourself through silence can help you determine the right path for what you are considering and planning for.  It can help you listen not only to yourself and your  needs, but to listen more effectively to others and their needs.

I never hesitate to roll out my yoga mat everyday, because it connects me to my inner self and truth.  It allows my day to flow more easily, and to have vision and clarity for what lies ahead.  When I connect to this stillness regularly, it naturally creates a ripple effect that influences other people’s feelings of peace and harmony, which in turn creates a better world to live in.

“Be still
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity” – Laozi


“We are our choices.”  – Jean-Paul Sartre

One night my 9-year-old son who had just gone to bed, asked me if I would lay with him as he was scared. I was getting ready for a busy day and was tired and said “No, you are fine, go to sleep.”  When he died the following afternoon after being hit by a car, I remembered what he asked me, and the guilt that followed me from that day on, was overwhelming.

“Guilt is a destructive and ultimately pointless emotion” ― Lynn Crilly

Guilt is an emotion that we are all familiar with, that we have all lived with at some time. What we forget is that we do not need to carry this burden around in our life and that guilt as powerful and destroying as it is, serves no purpose.

Guilt beats us up, it makes us replay our mistakes, it wastes enormous amounts of energy re-enacting how we could have done something differently. It makes us feel bad if we don’t feel bad!

“No longer be the victim of your circumstances, let go, forgive and move on.”

One of the reasons it is so hard to give up and let go of our guilt is because we feel we need to be punished and believe we deserve to feel this way.  Once we realise we do not need to carry this, we can learn to forgive ourselves and lift the heaviness from our life.  Once you let go of it, you will find the confidence to move forward.

Here is one way you can work through letting go of your guilt no matter how hard it seems.

Find a quiet still place and take some deep breaths. Make sure you feel calm and still.
 Call in the person or people you feel you have let down or have carried guilt for.
See them in front of you.   Ask them for forgiveness.
See them forgiving you.
Now say “I forgive myself and let go of any guilt I am holding, I no longer need to punish or burden myself with this guilt.”
See this guilt lifting from your body and mind.
Take some deep breaths and finish.

You may need to do this a couple of times in your meditation to feel completely free. Don’t allow guilt to have any power in your life and don’t let it stop you from experiencing the fullness of life and the precious time we have with each other.


I have always thought that in order for my life to be abundant I needed to visualise receiving what it was I wanted.  I would say “I deserve to be abundant” or “I allow money to flow freely to me” or “I am abundant in love or peace or happiness” etc.

And then, about a year ago in meditation I was given a vision of myself giving. Giving freely to everyone I met,  like you would if you had everything. I realised it was in giving to others and myself that I would actually find and feel the abundance I was seeking.  When I learnt that it was stepping out and giving freely of myself rather than trying to take what I deserved, abundance followed me.

“Give, give, give. In the oneness, you give to everyone, and as part of the Oneness, you give to you too” – Sa Silvano

I started to visualise in my meditation myself giving to my family, to friends, to others, I saw myself giving money to others, I saw myself giving time to myself.  I saw myself give abundance, love and time to everyone I love and met…..and overtime there was a shift.

Waiting for abundance means you are living in scarcity and fear.  Fear that you may not get what you want whether it’s a house, a family, money or love.  While you wait and live in fear, you block the abundance.

Instead of waiting for abundance to come or a feeling of giving to arise, start acting like you are abundant, start acting like you already have what you need and see how it begins to shift the barrier you have built.

As I learn more in life through my experiences, I realise that life and it’s lessons are often very simple.  We complicate our situations with busy minds and over thought-out solutions.  Giving freely and accepting easily is all you need to do.

A kind smile, a phone call, a compliment, are all ways we can give freely to others, and if we practice that a little more often instead of waiting for it to come to you, you may be surprised how quickly the universe responds back.

“The only difference between you and me are our choices.”

Living in our Heart

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”  – Kahlil Gibran

When I was guided by a wonderful teacher to live in my heart, I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to practice.  I was wrong.  It is extremely difficult to live in our heart and try to keep out of the constant chatter of our mind.

Choosing to live from the heart requires that we choose a higher aspect of every experience and make a conscious choice for love, surrender, peace, and joy. These energies are all available to us and they exist within each experience but it is a choice we must make willingly and intentionally everyday.

When I live from my heart I am more in tune.  I am more compassionate and somehow I have less fear and worry, but to live in my heart I have to practice stillness.  Everyday when I meditate I intentionally focus on my heart and breathe into it, I allow my heart to fill with love by thinking about the things that I love or have gratitude for.

When I feel that space, that peace, I know I am there and I try to stay there.  Its takes effort and discipline because your mind will want you to come back to its busyness.  Everyday try a little and see the difference.

Practising this love filling my heart helps me to connect to a different way of thinking and I feel calmer when I go there.  When I live too much in my mind I feel stressed, it creates thoughts I probably don’t need, it creates conversations that I haven’t yet had or it allows fear when no fear is valid.

When you live from your heart you allow your heart’s unlimited potential to expand your reality beyond the limitations of the mind and venture into what has been unknown to you until that moment.

Of course we need to be in our minds for lots of reasons but what you will find is that when you connect more and more to your heart space where love and peace are, your choices will be guided by a higher connection and you will create an easier flow in life.

“Every moment of darkness has a potential for light; every aspect of fear contains a potential for love, and every bit of sadness, pain, despair and powerlessness has the potential for higher aspects when you choose them.”

Living in your heart will energise you and allow you more room to let go and allow your mind to be free from the pain and dialogue of the past.  Find ways through breathing, yoga and meditation to connect and practice, practice, practice.

Go within your heart and find the courage to expand its knowing and embrace your highest potential so you can become this in your life and for the world.